Police Training College Kalaburagi

Karnataka State Police

Principal's Message

 Shri Dekka Kishore Babu I.P.S

SP and Principal

Police Training College Kalaburagi


Police Training College (PTC) is one of the premier Police Training Institutions in the country with 18 years of Tradition of excellence in training. Equipped in providing basic training to the newly recruited Sub Inspectors.The Police Training College has onerous responsibility of transforming a youth into a disciplined officer who will serve the people and nation by inculcating officer like qualities and spirit of service.

I am gratified to see that each member of the Training college has made a significant contribution. I encourage them to continue their service in order to ensure that we retain the highest levels of integrity and duty by developing the best police officers in the state. I am confident that PTC's entire team will continue to enhance training as needed and endeavour to maintain the excellent standards for which the organisation is known.

Everyone who wears the uniform should strive to foster a spirit of professionalism and inculcate the correct ideals while maintaining a sincere feeling of humility and service.